Best Gifts/Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Learning through Play


Best Gifts/Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Learning through Play

The Importance of Child Development 

As soon as the child crosses his first birthday, he enters into his toddler-hood and begins exhibiting major growth signs in terms of both mind and body. This is the point where you should keep him interested in activities that contribute towards his overall development. Luckily, this can be easily done by fueling the little one’s learning through play. Grab your favorite pick as you go through our list of the best gifts/toys for 1 year old boys.


Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze best toys for 1 year old boys: Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze

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How Do You Get From Point A To Point B?

If the 1 year old boy is already showing signs of high curiosity and interest in mentally challenging stuff, get him this first bead maze by Melissa & Doug. The toy features a traditional bead maze style with a unique twist. The toy has a total of 4 soft and flexible wires constructed between 2 hardwood blocks that bend and curl. The maze also features 18 wooden beads in varying shapes, sizes & colors, plus 3 plastic rings that rotate and slide. The toy keeps your child busy and amused for hours. 

The maze is constructed with a sturdy wooden material, so there is no question about its durability. Due to its compact size, you can easily take it along while traveling or going out. 

Classic Toy, Essential Play

The toy helps in both developing and improving the sensory skills of your child through touch and play. It also works on promoting his fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination. The maze also aids in developing shape and color recognition in your child. 

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table 

best toys for 1 year old boys: Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table

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The Mini Ocean 

The WaterWheel play table should be on the top of your preferences if your 1 year old boy loves playing with water. The play table features a broad receptacle that pours water over the turning wheel and the interior and exterior of harbors.  

The table also features molded-in segments that make lakes, canals, moats, and harbors. It also comes with other accessories including cup, boats, and water wheel tower. The toy table provides a platform for your child to have nonstop water fun without any need of adult supervision. 

Play With Little Mess 

The table is specially designed to make it easily reachable for toddlers without getting muddy or dirty. The table is made of durable plastic material and is surely going to last for a while. 

All Round Development

The table provides a great mental and physical activity for your boy. It works towards increasing his imagination and creative thinking while expanding his intellect. The table also helps in improving your child’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance.  

Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-on

best toys for 1 year old boys: Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil' Rollin' Giraffe Ride-on

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The Little One’s First Vehicle 

If the little one is keen on moving all around the place entirely on his own, but haven’t started walking yet, get him this Giraffe ride-on by Little Tikes. As the name tells, the ride-on features a cute giraffe design with an adjustable seat. The rear wheels of the scoot toy are bigger in size, which helps keep the toy stable and firm in its place. It also features a wheel guard for the extra protection of your child. The ride-on lets your child easily walk around wherever he wants without any problem. 

The floor to floor format of the toy makes it easier for your child to use it. You can adjust the height of the seat according to the height of your baby for more ease. The ride-on can be used both indoor and outdoor and can hold up to a maximum of 50 pounds of weight. 

How Might 1 Year Old Boys Learn Through Play?

In addition to teaching your child how to walk, the ride-on aids in building his large motor skills and coordination. It also teaches your child how to keep a proper balance to avoid tipping over.  

Green Toys My First Tug Boat 

gifts for 1 year old boys: Green Toys My First Tug Boat 

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You Need Toys For Baths 

Looking for toys for 1 year old boys that make it almost impossible for you to bathe him without making him scream, get this tugboat by Green Toys for keeping him distracted. The boat comes in a vibrant combination of red, sky blue, and yellow color. It easily floats on the water surface, which makes it ideal to use in the bathtub. Your child can fill it up with water and then pour it out as many times as he wants. A handle is also given on the top, which makes it easy for your child to carry it. 

Safe Materials & Durable 

The boat is made of durable and safe plastic material that doesn’t contain any traces of BPA, PVC, or Phthalates. However, water play can cause the growth of mold inside, so keep washing it from the inside every now and then. 

Pretend Play In The Water

The toy helps in encouraging the motor skills of your child. It keeps your child busy in holding it, filling it up, emptying it, and floating it, which greatly improves his hand-eye coordination and deftness. The toy also promotes the inventive thinking of your child. 

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube 

gifts for 1 year old boys: VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

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So Much Learning In One Box! 

So, your 1 year old is a highly inquisitive little being? Then it’s time to get him this sort and discover activity cube by VTech. Since it’s an activity cube, it features different categories of highly amusing activities, which include songs, phrases, tunes, and sounds. It features 2 electronic panels that tell about colors, digits, animals, and more.  

The toy also features 5 piano keys that play music. A book page is also there that plays 2 nursery rhymes, whereas, the spinner in the toy lights up on being rotated and shows animals and different other objects. It also features beads and gears and a shape sorter having 4 vibrant blocks in varying shapes.   

The box requires 2 AA batteries to run. It does come with batteries, but they are only for demo purpose.  

It’s All About Learning Through Play!

The activity box provides countless hours of communicative playtime to your child. In addition to developing your boy’s motor skills and coordination, it also builds his ability to identify colors and shapes. The toy teaches your child about numbers, animal names, their sounds, common phrases, and a lot more. It also gives him the basic knowledge regarding different tunes and melodies. 

Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set 

gifts for 1 year old boys: Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set

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Soft & Squeezable Blocks!  

The squeeze and stack block set by Infantino is a perfect toy for 1 year old boys who love playing with squishy toys. The whole set contains 8 soft and squeezable blocks in bright colors that feature different numbers, animals, and shapes engraved on them. Your child can stack them up, use them for easing the teething pain, or play in any other manner he wants, he surely won’t be bored in any way. 

It’s BPA Free!!! 

The blocks are made of BPA free material and hence they pose no threat to your child’s health. Since children love to use them as teethers, make sure to clean and sanitize them every single day. 

Coordination & Motor Skills

The set helps in strengthening your child’s common sense and rational thinking. It also helps in developing his adroitness, coordination, and motor skills. Your child also gets to learn and distinguish between different colors, digits, shapes, and animals.  

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swimming Float  

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swimming Float

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Everybody Loves Swimming! 

If your toddler loves to stay in the water and can’t wait to learn swimming, he deserves this inflatable swimming float by Free Swimming Baby. The float features a unique design that snuggly and cozily fits your child inside it without putting any strain on any of his body parts. Not only does it provide an awesome swimming time to your child, it also ensures he is having lots of fun with the accompanied bath toys. 

Easy Setup & Storage

The float can be easily inflated and deflated. Before putting your child in it, make sure to check thoroughly for any leaks. 

More Than Just A Parent & Child Activity

The float helps in teaching your child about the basics of swimming, which aids in increasing his physical adeptness. It also encourages your child’s gross motor skills, coordination, and movement. 

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack 

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack

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Stack It Up!

The Rock-a-stack set by Fisher-Price is the ideal choice for all the 1 year old boys who love playing with colorful toys. The set features 5 brightly colored rings in different sizes that need to be stacked up according to their sizes on a post having a bat-at rocker base. The smallest ring features a translucent surface with rattling beads inside it. Your child can play in various ways with the set, like stacking, shaking, batting the unsteady base, and more. 

The rings and post are made of strong and sturdy plastic that won’t snap off easily. Edit: It was pointed out by a reader that there is a hole in each ring. For cleaning, only wipe them to prevent mold from growing inside. (Thanks Ashley!) 

Simple But Important Identification Skills…

The set helps in developing the basic concepts of size in your child’s mind. Stacking and sorting them up enhances his arrangement skills, whereas, all of the physical movement involved results in building his coordination and balance. Your child also starts identifying different colors.  

Finding For The Best Gifts/Toys For 1 Year Old Boys… 

Every time one buys a gift for kids, one always worries if its good for the kid. That is because you need to pay attention towards his cognitive and physical growth, which greatly hinges on child’s own interest in learning. Learning through play is a great mindset to enter into when thinking about these. Toys and play help spark that interest that keeps the child intrigued and curious for learning and exploring more, thus paving way for a brighter future. 

Whether you are a godparent or aunt looking for the perfect birthday gifts for 1 year old boys, or just a parent looking for the best toys for your growing little, this list is great for you. If you are still having trouble finding the gifts/toys for 1 year old boys, feel free to drop us a message and we will try our best to help you! 🙂


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  1. There are some decent suggestions here, but it’s disappointing the lists are separated by gender; this list should just be for one-year olds, not one-year old boys.
    Also, with the Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack, each ring (except for the hard red one) has a small hole in it, and therefore should not be washed in water, otherwise mold will grow inside. They should only be wiped clean.

    • Hey Ashley! Thanks for your comment, greatly appreciated! Regarding the classification, it was done this way because we found out that there were quite a few readers looking for more targeted options (there’s just too many options! huehue!). As such, we split them.

      Will looking into creating more neutral posts in future! (: In the meantime, our gender-neutral board games post might interest you! Once again, thanks!


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