Best Toys/Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls Learning Through Play

Best Gifts & Toys For 10 Year Old Girls

Best Toys/Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls Learning Through Play

Congratulations on having the little one hit 2 digits! However it also mean that they are becoming more inquisitive and finding themselves more. Passing the 10 year old mark, you might be looking for the perfect gift for her. Keep scrolling down to find all about our list of the best gifts for 10 year old girls. 


Hasbro Jenga Classic Game 

best gifts for 10 year old girls: Hasbro Jenga Classic Game 

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Stack It Up! 

Allow your 10 year old girl to have constructive fun during her spare time with the Jenga classic game by Hasbro. The game set comes with more than 50 Jenga blocks made of hardwood and a stacking sleeve. The rules for playing the game are pretty simple. All your child needs to do is keep stacking up the blocks by removing one at a time from below. The goal of the game is to stack as many blocks as possible without letting them fall down. Not only is it fun, it is also highly educational. 

The game comes with an instruction manual for helping your child understand its basics. It is safe for use for every person in the family and contains no toxic materials. 

There’s More Thinking Than Just Balancing 

The game ominously contributes towards the development of your child’s intellectual and strategic thinking. It also enhances her planning skills while increasing her perseverance and imagination. Your child also gets to learn about time management and becomes capable of easily tackling challenging situations. 

Creativity for Kids Mermaid Jewelry Set 

best gifts for 10 year old girls: Creativity for Kids Mermaid Jewelry Set 

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If you are looking for creative gifts for 10 year old girls, get her this mermaid jewelry set by Creativity for Kids. The set includes sea-themed accessories and beads, such as starfish, shells, pearls, and more, which let your girl create beautiful jewelry items. Your girl can use her creative flair to mix and match the beads for making customized bracelets and necklaces, which she can both wear herself or present to someone dearer to her. 

The kit contains adequate items to help your child create four stunning necklaces or bracelets, or a mix of both. The set has passed US safety standards for children toys. However, the small pieces in the kit should be kept away from younger children. 

The Young Jeweler 

Since the set provides an excellent group activity for your child and her friends, it notably helps in developing her emotional and social skills. The kit also helps your child learn the prominence of sharing. It further enhances her fine motor skills while augmenting her artistic and designing abilities.  

GameWright Forbidden Island 

best gifts for 10 year old girls: GameWright Forbidden Island 

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Escape The Forbidden Island 

If your 10 year old loves playing tabletop games, we are certain that Forbidden Island will keep her entertained and enthused for hours. The game requires 2-4 players who need to work in teams. With a total playing time of half an hour, the team that breaches the boundaries of  Archeans’ prehistoric empire first and finds out all the treasure, wins the game. 

The whole gaming kit includes a total of 58 playing cards, a marker for leveling water, treasure figurines, island tiles, and more. Some of the pieces may be small in size and contain choking hazard so be cautious about that. 

Solving Problems Through Teamwork 

Forbidden Island is a highly adventurous game that helps in stimulating your child’s problem-solving skills and tactical thinking. The game also teaches your child regarding the importance of teamwork and cooperation for achieving mutual goals.  

4M Crystal Growing Experiment

toys for 10 year girls: 4M Crystal Growing Experiment 

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Grow Crystals!!! 

This crystal growing kit by 4M is going to make a perfect gift for your 10 year old science buff. The kit allows your child to grow 7 different types of crystals and comes with all the necessary items that are required for carrying out these experimentations. For proper execution of the experiments, the kit comes with detailed guidelines to help your child with it. 

The kit contains crystal compounds, display domes, and mixing supplies. The crystals are not to be ingested, so make sure to keep them away from younger children. 

Geology Is Not Just About Rocks 

The kit is ideal for children having a natural interest in geology. Not only does it help in increasing their knowledge regarding this field, it also helps them understand the composition of crystals. 

Hasbro Monopoly Deal Card Game

toys for 10 year girls: Hasbro Monopoly Deal Card Game

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The Deal Breaker

The monopoly deal card game by Hasbro is an extremely interesting and enthralling game for all the 10 year old kids who love some action. The game is a similar version of the conventional Monopoly game, only, it is in the form of cards. It comes with a total of 110 cards and requires a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 players.  

The game requires accumulating properties using different colored cards. It also enables your child to exchange the properties or take rent from the other players. Some cards permit your child to even steal properties from the other players. The game is a great way of keeping your child engaged in something meaningful. 

The game doesn’t contain any hazardous elements and is safe for people of all ages. It is equally well-liked by the adults in particular.  

Strategize & Monopolize 

The game drives your child to think more logically and sensibly. It also improves her planning and managing abilities. The game pushes your child to think out of the box for succeeding the challenges that life throws her way. 

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids by Mini Explorer 

toys for 10 year girls: Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids by Mini Explorer

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Everyone Wants A Terrarium A Some Point

One of the best gifts for 10 year old girls interested in gardening, the light up terrarium kit by Mini Explorer. The kit comes with a terrarium jar, illuminated lid, charging cable, soil, chia and wheatgrass seeds, miniature figurines, adornments, and a lot more. The set lets your child have her very own terrarium, which she can turn into a striking tiny garden in no time.  

The kit includes all the essentials required for turning it into a tabletop garden. The LED light can be controlled using the on/off switch located laterally on the lid. 

Science In Nature And More!

The kit provides an excellent hands-on science activity for your little girl to puff up her knowledge regarding ecosystem. The terrarium, while keeping your child engaged, perpetually elevates her familiarity with botany. It also gives a lift to her inventive thinking. 



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Playdo Upgrade 

Another great option for all the 10 year old princesses who have a deep love for science is the play sand set by none other than National Geographic. The sand that comes in the set is kinetic, which means it will not stick to anything else except itself. Hence, no mess. Due to its permanent damp state, it is quite easy to handle. Your child can mold, contour, or squash the sand to her heartiest satisfaction.  

The set also includes 6 molds of different shapes that let your child form castles, pyramids and much more that glow in the dark. The sand provides non-stop fun and satisfaction to your child for extended hours. 

The special formula of the sand inhibits it from drying out, which means your child can play with it over and over again. The material of the sand does not contain any toxins and is hypoallergenic. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturer. 

Mold To Your Creation 

The sand helps in keeping your child intrigued for learning and observing the marvels of science. It also acts as a stress reliever and provides utmost mental contentment to your child. Playing and molding it also improves your girl’s contouring and shaping skills.  

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art by Horizon Group USA 

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art by Horizon Group USA 

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Coloring Run Wild 

Another awesome crafty gift for all the 10 year old girls who have a deep passion for arts and painting is this window art kit by Horizon Group. With the 12 interesting suncatchers that come with it, this kit lets your child create more than 20 window art projects. The kit also comes with 8 colorful paints that enable your child to create beautiful patterns on the dull and boring windows for bringing a vibrant touch to the room. 

The kit would make an excellent birthday gift for any 10 year old girl. It comes with a design booklet that helps your child create personalized window clings. The materials in the kit are child safe and non-toxic, but it shouldn’t be given to children under 6 years of age. 

…And Let Your Imagination Run Wild 

The kit lets your child’s imagination and creativity soar. The boundless canvases in the form of windows allow your girl to practice and master her artistic skills. The kit also lets your girl experiment with different colors for creating her very own works of art.  

Fing The Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls… 

By the time your children turn 10, they are well-settled into their routine lives, including school and other activities. If you leave it all up to their schools for making them well-learned, you’ll end up bringing up nothing but a generation of rote learners. So, it is necessary to keep your children mentally stimulated for hands-on learning.  

While the conventional ways of teaching can get really boring, the educational toys make sure your children strive to learn on their own. That’s why it’s imperative to incorporate productive toys in your children’s lives for sharpening their intelligence. We hope you like our list of the best gifts for 10 year old girls. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 



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