How playing with toys can benefit your child’s development?


How playing with toys can benefit your child’s development?

Some parents see toys as a distraction or a tool to entertain their kids while they are busy. But beyond these thinking, toys proved to open up a world for kids to maximize and utilize learning opportunities. Studies proved “playing with toys” provide children the skills which advance their development. An improved imagination allows them to consider alternatives outside of the box and provide unconventional solutions.

Aside from developing other important dexterities, toys ease kids in improving fine motor skills and in convincing them to think innovatively. Children discover and adapt multiple essential skills which they can use upon reaching adulthood. They can build and enhance their fine motor skills when kids utilize toys where they assemble or create stuff, like using LEGO, molds, and clay. Plus, they can also study different forms, shapes, and colors. If they were able to complete the project, kids tend to feel a sense of accomplishment which can build and boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Furthermore, playing dolls promotes role play. You can tap your kids in looking after the baby doll, take care and feed as well as putting it to sleep. A good benefit of role play is to expand a child’s attention span. You can do this by involving them through games with various characters, and multiple story lines. This allows children to improve in providing better reasoning and judgment. Also, it develops negotiation skills. Playing is more fun if played with siblings or friends in which open to a chance for kids to develop social skills like listening to other ideas, helping one another, fair playing, teamwork and taking turns.

A toy is a good tool to help your kids develop their full potential. So before choosing toys for your kids, you should consider their age and what learning outcomes you wish to see. Then match this to the skills you wish for them to learn, practice and improve.


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