How to choose toys for infant cognitive development?


How to choose toys for infant cognitive development?

Developing cognitive skills is essential for infants. And achieving a significant development is possible when parents and caregivers choose the appropriate toys for their babies to explore. In buying toys, they need to consider the child’s age since there are different toys suitable to certain age brackets.

Infants aging 0-6 months are extremely sensitive to their surroundings. Having right toys can ease these skills to improve fast or on time. A newborn child can recognize and react to the sound of a rattle as well as complementary colors of white and black. If you happen to shake a black and white rattle near the baby, it encourages him to respond. You can also stimulate infants by making faces and using music. At 3 months, utilizing bright colored objects can facilitate new skills by letting the baby to visually focus on your face. At the age of 4 months, you can bring the baby’s excitement by buying toys that can make interesting sounds with eye-catching colors. They will respond through movements such as kicking, smiling and arms waving. By the time he reaches 6 months, he will spend more time sitting alone. So glowing toys, ringing telephones and stacking cups are used to let them enjoy their time while sitting alone.

Developmental toys are helpful for infants’ ages 7-12 months. This includes toys which infant can use on their own since they have more control of their hands. They are prone to movements and can use a toy to stimulate a certain reaction. Sorting toys, balls, board books, pull and stacking toys as well as toys with buttons that uses music and light respond to any actions are perfect for this age group. These developmental infant toys encourage exploration and interaction.

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