Should My Kid Play Sports?


Should My Kid Play Sports?

As parents, many hope for a fun and active childhood for the little one. Research suggests that playing sports is not only a great way to engage the little one, but also helps with his/her all-round development. By engaging in sports, children are exposed to a wide range of benefits which can aid them in succeeding later on in life. Some of the main benefits as follows:

Benefits of Playing Sports

Develop Self-esteem

Through sports, kids are able to develop self-confidence. The competitive environment in sports serves as a training ground for developing one’s confidence. Sports teach them to succeed through hard work. As they begin to witness that their skills improve, their willpower to succeed also increases. As they immerse themselves in the sport, their self-esteem develops.

Develop Social Skills

Team sports is an effective method in developing your kid’s social skills. These sports encourage them to communicate with their teammates and coaches to strategize and improve gameplay.  As a result, they learn to carry themselves well in a social environment.

A Great Physical Activity (develop fine and gross motor skills)

There is no secret that sports are activities that are physically demanding. Through playing sports the little one is not only able to train his/her body, but also refine motor skills. It is a good way to get into the habit of working out without the need of costly gym memberships.

Learn To Be Discipline & To Perseverance

Sports allow your kids to have progressive goals. They engage in intensive training which needs discipline through the strict following of a routine. Even when the going gets tough, kids learn to persevere with the willpower to succeed. These traits are the essentials of life.

Be A Team Player

Teamwork is essential in sports. It is effective to train to work with others effectively. During intense training, they learn to play their parts well to enable the team. They learn to become an effective team player, or even taking up a leadership role when they prove capable.

Stimulate The Brain

Research suggests sports can increase blood flow to the brains. As a result, the kid’s body creates more connections among nerves. This enhances concentration and sharp memory. Also, it develops your kid’s problem-solving skills.

How Can A Parent Encourage The Child To Play Sports? 

Leading By Example

Parents can engage in sports themselves and lead by example. Experiencing the joys a parent-child activity is a great way to build interest in the little one.

Sporting Related Gifts

Getting them sports related gifts/gears may help the little one gain interest in the particular sport. Instead of another videogame console, maybe try a sporting gift this season.

Limit TV & Computer Time

Parents can limit TV and computer time for the little one, and introduce Through sports, it reduces your kid’s idle time. It allows them to reduce screen time on TV and computer.

Support The Child’s Sporting Efforts

Supporting your kid’s sporting efforts is the best way to encourage them. Seeing kids appreciated at every milestone in their sporting journey, it motivates them to continue their passion and improve better.


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