The Best Board Games For Kids (Most Comprehensive List)


The Best Board Games For Kids (Most Comprehensive List)

Looking for the most comprehensive list of the best board games for kids? You’ve found it! In a TED Talk a few years back, Adam Carroll (top transformational trainer on the globe) shared his experience about his $10,000 monopoly game with his kids. He talks about how different his kids played the board game with actual cash and the lessons behind it.

Similarly, we here love board games for the many possibilities it brings. Board games gets the little ones thinking, strategize, learn to plan, grow from loses and of course have a great time with the family. As such, we have categorized and bring you the most comprehensive list of the best board games for kids.

Best Board Games For Toddlers

Think Fun’s Roll and Play Game for Toddlers

Best Board Games For Toddlers: Think Fun’s Roll and Play Game for Toddlers

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Think Fun’s Roll and Play game is considered to be the first game skillfully designed specifically for toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years old. A simple game which encourages spending time with your toddlers while slowly building their confidence and exposing them to early learning and active play as well as improving their motor skills.

 One set comes with a cube, 48 activity cards, and a parent’s guide. This is played by tossing the cube for a colored side. Then, the player should pick a matching card and execute the activity displayed. These activities are divided into 6 categories – counting, colors, body parts, emotions, actions and animal sounds. These activities and categories were chosen carefully to help kids in developing different learning areas appropriate for their age. 

Fortunately, this is one of the best board games that does not insist to let your kids give the right answer, the most important thing is to let them be engaged, feel loved and to experience fun.  

Science File Folder Games Grades K – 1 Educational Board Game

Science File Folder Games Grades K - 1 Educational Board Game

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If you are looking for board games best for your few months old to 3 year old kids, then the Science File Folder Games Grades K-1 Educational Board Game is your best choice. This game is ideal for independent studies or learning centers that focus on exposing your kids to the interesting world of science. It includes 16 games consisting of different topics such as physical and life sciences, climate, parts of the body, parts of a plant, solids and liquids, earth and space, living and non-living things, geography and a whole lot more. 

This can be played as a matching game, fill in the blanks or even just giving out the correct answer. You can also introduce additional knowledge to help your kids maximize their educational information. An answer key is also included upon purchase of this merchandise to help you guide your kids on how to maximize this toy. 

Best Board Games For 3 Year Old & Up

Hasbro Hi Ho Cherry-O Board Game

Best Board Games For 3 Year Old & Up: Hasbro Hi Ho Cherry-O Board Game

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You can now guide your preschool kids in practicing and improving their basic counting and math skills with Hasbro’s upgraded version of Hi-Ho Cherry-O board game. It is played with 2-4 players whose ages are 3 to 6 years old. Players must spin a spinner in an attempt in collecting all the cherries to win. One set of this merchandise includes a game board, spinner with an arrow and base, 9-piece puzzle, 40 fruit pieces, 4 baskets and straight-forward instructions. 

At the start, each player has an empty basket with 10 cherries. Each of them must take turns to spin the spinner and do the indicated action pointed by the arrow. The seven divisions reflected on the spinner adds a thrill to the game which can also increase the playing time. The first one to collect all the cherries from his/her tree and says “Hi-Ho! Cherry-O!” will be victorious.

 The game itself teaches your kids the fun in learning basic math concepts – addition, subtraction, and counting. Also, they will improve their thinking skills and cooperation.

Jax’s Sequence for Kids

Best Board Games For 3 Year Old & Up: Jax’s Sequence for Kids

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The classic game of Sequence can now be played by kids thanks to Jax’s innovation. Key learning areas to develop logical thinking of kids have been incorporated into an exciting strategy game for pre-reading kids aged 3 to 6 years old. It is also known as one of the best cooperative board games to play with parents.

 A set of this board game is inclusive of a folding game board, 42 playing cards, four 21-colored chips and easy-to-follow instructions. This game can be easily played by 2-4 players, patterned from the word sequence. It only needs a player to make a sequence with four matches in a row. A player must draw a card on his/her hand, then a chip must be placed on the corresponding character on the board. The first player to have four in a row will win. To make the game more exciting, Unicorn and Dragon cards have been added that allows the player to remove an opponent’s chip from the board. 

Hasbro’s Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Hasbro's Chutes and Ladders Board Game

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Chutes and Ladders Board Game by Hasbro incorporates the classic up and down game into a fun game made for preschoolers. This is played by 2-4 players challenging them to climb to the top of the ladder without sliding down through the chutes. It is a simple game that requires no reading because it uses pictures, instead of texts. The ladder symbolizes the prizes for doing good things while the chutes imply the penalties of doing bad things. It can also help children develop their basic counting skills. 

The players just need to spin the spinners to know how many squares to travel. If their final square points at the bottom of the ladder, then they need to go up. However, if it points on the top of the chute, then they slide down. Players must aim to rest at the bottom of the ladder to get ahead of the race and the first one to reach the 100th square wins. 

Wonder Forge’s Marvel Matching Game

Wonder Forge's Marvel Matching Game

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Superheroes are really famous among younger crowds. They can retain them faster on their memory because of their popularity and frequent appearances on ads and merchandises.  Wonder Forge’s took the brilliant idea of using these Marvel heroes in a matching game that will improve your kid’s memory, picture analysis, and matching skills.

 Wonder Forge’s Marvel Matching Game is an improvised educational tool for 3 years old and up. This can be easily played as it only needs your kids to match two pictures of durable tiles in a short amount of time. The player with the highest number of correctly matched pairs wins the game. Aside from developing skills, it also encourages your kids to practice their social skills by playing with others and learning to be patient. 

This is the best cooperative board game for fans of Marvel superheroes and kids who are want to develop their sharp memory skills.  One set of this merchandise includes 72 picture tiles and clear instructions.

Best Board Games For 4 Year Old & Up

Think Fun’s Zingo Bingo Game

Best Board Games For 4 Year Old & Up: Think Fun's Zingo Bingo Game

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Zingo Bingo game by Think Fun is an exciting and interactive word game which brings out the fast-paced learning and never-ending fun of the classic game. With its easy-to-follow mechanics, it is considered to be the best board game for 4 year olds and above who are pre-readers or early readers. It develops the matching and language skills in an innovative way. The game’s objective is to fill out all the empty spaces with matching tiles on their Zingo card.

 There are two sides of every card – green for easy and red for a more challenging one. The Zingo holder releases two tiles which have a variety of pictures printed on them such as a house, computer, cake, etc. If a player sees a dispensed tile that matches a picture on his/her Zingo card, they get the tile and mark the corresponding space on his/her card. Those unmatched tiles are placed back in the title holder. If two players happen to match the same tile; it is given to someone who called it first. The winner is declared if the player shouts ZINGO once he/she has marked all the 9 spaces. Two to eight players are the ideal number of players to make bring out the fun of this game.

Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids

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The upgraded version of the classic game of Charades has been designed exclusively for kids to enjoy. It is one of the best board games for kids’ aged 4 years old and above. A set of this merchandise includes a game die, sand timer and 150 charade cards with 3 words written on them. This is a great chance for parents to spend time with their pre-reader kids and help them act out the pictures printed on the cards. 

The rules are simple. It requires the youngest player to begin the game, he/she rolls the game die and open the top card and look for the corresponding charade in his/her card with the number showed on the die. If ever a non-reader is playing, he/she automatically selects the first charade on the card. Players are free to do movements and noises except for words. And they are only allowed one guess per turn. If they guessed it wrong, then the next player gets the chance and so on. The first player to collect three cards wins the game. The recommended number of players is 3 or more.

Best Board Games For 5 Year Old & Up

Mattel’s Blokus Games

 Best Board Games For 5 Year Old & Up: Mattel's Blokus Games

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Blokus is one of the best board game that specializes in abstract strategy which involves transparent and colored Tetris-shaped pieces. This is best played with two to four players’ aged 5 years and up. The objective of the game is to fit as many pieces on the board as possible. Each player begins with 21 pieces on hand. Players must put a piece touching at least a corner of the pieces already placed on the board.

It can be played by letting each player pick a color and put those 21 pieces in front of his/her side of the board. The first player puts his/her piece and the next player in clockwise direction follows. The game will continue as each player places down a piece on each turn and all pieces must touch the same color at the corners. If ever a player is unable to lay down a piece touching the same color, he can pass his turn. The game ends when a player has laid all of his/her pieces. Scores are calculated and the players with the highest score is the winner. With this game, your kid’s puzzle and strategic skills will be improved.

Hasbro’s Scrabble Junior Game

Hasbro's Scrabble Junior Game

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Parents like to expose their kids to games with high potential in developing skills. As early as possible, they like to expose their kids on scrabble. Given the engaging educational value and fun of word games, Hasbro’s Scrabble Junior Games is the best cooperative board game for kids’ ages 5 years and up. It is best played by two to four players. A parent can play together with his/her child to guide their kids in matching the letters on the board. 

This Scrabble junior has two sides, the letter-matching game and the advanced level on the opposite side which requires the creation of own words. Younger crowds need to match the letter on the words printed on the boards. As time pass by and as they develop their skills, they can now use the other side of the board and create their own words. Long words consisting of not frequently used letters yields to higher scores. In this engaging game, the vocabulary of the kids will be widened.

Think Fun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game and STEM Toy

Think Fun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game and STEM Toy

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Rush Hour is one of Think Fun’s best-selling toys and is considered to be the best board game in exposing your kids to STEM concepts. It is a logic game patterned to traffic jam and consists of 40 challenges of increasing difficulty. This is ideal for kids who are 5 years old and up, who enjoy smart games and liked to be challenged. 

The game’s objective is to ESCAPE. Each player has a red car to escape the traffic jam by sliding the cars and trucks blocking the way. If you happen to escape then you finished one level. This continues on until you have completed all the 40 challenges. Similar to other Think Fun’s games, Rush Hour is designed to enhance your kid’s critical thinking skills. Because of the increasingly challenging levels, your kids will develop their logical reasoning and tactical skills which is ideal to develop for their future. 

Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking

Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking

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Everyone’s favorite Monopoly game has just been upgraded and designed for younger crowds. This Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking utilizes a modern baking game for kids in which monopoly money is substituted with monopoly game bank cards and electronic banking units. Players utilize the bank cards in purchasing properties, paying rent and saving money. 

The new version comes with 4 important tokens – Little Hazel, Toy Car, Toy Boat, and Little Scottie. All players must take their turns and move their tokens across the game board while buying the properties they admire like malls, skating rink, hair salon and others. Kids will experience the fun in doing transactions using bank cards and putting up “sold” signs on their properties like grown-ups. They will be given a glimpse of the hard and fun part of becoming an adult. The player with the highest amount of money will be declared as the winner.

Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking is one of the best board games for developing kids’ perspective in their finance and can be best played with children aged 5 years old and up.

Clue Junior Game

Clue Junior Game

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Clue Junior Game is a strategy and problem-solving game which is interesting for kids who are detail-oriented. The goal of the player is to find out who took the slice of cake, when did they get it and what did they drink it with. 

Players must roll the die to gain authority if they can move the characters, observe what’s under them or look unto the furniture for hints. In the course of finding clues, they can slim down their options and will figure out what really happened eventually. It features the classic characters of Ms. Scarlett, Col. Mustard, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Prof. Plum and Dr. Orchid. The clever player who finds out the truth will win the game.

This is one of the best cooperative board games for kids aged 5 years old and up. This game will expose them to improve their thinking skills and develop their ability to be detail-oriented. This is fun to be played by two to six players.

Best Board Games For 6 Year Old & Up

Hasbro’s Guess who? Classic Game

 Best Board Games For 6 Year Old & Up: Guess Who?

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If guessing seems to be a fun idea, then Hasbro’s Guess Who would be a good game to play. A classic two-player game where players try to speculate the character his/her opponent has placed in the empty frame from the 24 choices. Any type of questions can be asked such as “Do you have any accessories?” which helps players to slim down their options. 

Every player has the chance to ask one yes or no question each turn and can only guess the character once. If the player guesses it right, then that player wins. But if not, then he’ll lose. To win, players must be wise enough to ask strategic questions and not let their opponent name their hidden character first. Guess Who is an engaging game for six year olds and above because it can develop their thinking and strategic skills. 

This game does not require a long playing time because 10 minutes is already enough for each round. In addition, it does not require a bigger space to enjoy. It can be played on almost any occasion including short breaks.

Hasbro’s Sorry Game!

Hasbro's Sorry Game!

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Hasbro’s Sorry Game is the same with Parcheesi’s. It includes a game board, 12 pawns, 44 altered cards, 2 power-up tokens, and a home-zone. The objective of the game is to let your pawns cross the board and get into your home-zone, which is considered to be safe. The first player who takes all of his/her pawns home wins the game. This is played with two to four players, ages 6 and up. 

The rules are basic and very engaging. Players will draw cards to know how many moves their pawns can go on the board. If their pawns land on a “slide”, they can zip up to the end and collide with the opponents’ pawns. They just need to keep jumping over pawns and hide in safe zones while acquiring power from two tokens until a player gets all three of his/her pawns from start to its home.  However, they need to watch out because if they get bumped, they are going back to the start.

Best Board Games For 8 Year Old & Up

Days of Wonder’s Ticket to Ride

Best Board Games For 8 Year Old & Up: Days of Wonder's Ticket to Ride

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Days of Wonder publishes high-quality board and card games, one of it is the Ticket to Ride. This game can be played by 2 to 5 players and can be learned in less than 15 minutes while giving players an opportunity to experience extremely calculated and strategic decisions each turn. The objective is to gain score points by finishing the longest nonstop path of routes, claiming a route linking two neighboring cities on the map and finishing a nonstop trail of routes amid two cities displayed on the destination tickets. 

Its rules are considered to be simple enough. On each turn, one can either choose to claim more routes, draw more cards, or acquire extra destination tickets. The thrill comes from keeping one’s greed in balance by keeping many cards at hand and fear of giving up a vital route to one’s opponent. The final turn will start if a player’s supply of colored plastic train is getting down to two or less by the end of his/her turn. This is ideally played by 8 year old kids and above.

Mattel Games’ Pictionary Gam

Mattel Games' Pictionary GamCheck Price on Amazon

If your co-players find “acting out” difficult, then this Mattel Games’ Pictionary game is a good alternative. This is one of the best cooperative board games for people who like to draw. But, outstanding drawing skill set is not a requirement because the worse you draw, the funnier the game would be. This is the upgraded version of the classic quick-draw game that has been played by all kids. 

One set of this game includes two erasable markers, updated category for clues and erasable boards. The rules of the game are simple, a player picks a card with phrases or a word displayed on it. Then he/she will draw pictures to let his/her other teammates guess what’s written on the card. Writing numbers and letters are prohibited as well as pointing things inside the room and saying any verbal clues. The first team to guess right gets the point.

 This is played by two teams consisting of individuals’ ages 8 and above. In the duration of this game, cooperation and things skills are being improved.

Melissa & Doug’s Suspend Family Game

Melissa & Doug’s Suspend Family Game

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Melissa & Doug’s Suspend Family Game is a nerve-wracking game of tricky hangs and steady hands that would take everyone hanging at the edge of their seats. It is usually played by one to four players aged 8 years old and above. This improves the cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and interpersonal skills of players that can bring the fun out of everyone.

 The suspended game includes 24 uneven, rubber-tipped wire pieces to suspend from a tabletop wooden stand. You may think it’s easy, but try putting another piece and the balance will shift. The more pieces that are hanged from the stand, the more difficult it is to balance. But players must watch out since one wrong move could let the structure collapse at any moment. This mind-boggling game is won by the player who can suspend as many rods as they can without destroying it. This is one of the best cooperative board games which is fun to play alone or even with a group.

Hasbro’s The Game of Life Board Game

Hasbro’s The Game of Life Board Game

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The Game of Life Board game manufactured by Hasbro is considered to be one of the best board games you can play with your family and friends. It is a simulation of the kids’ future lives having careers, going on vacations, and having a family. This is one of the best board games for 8 year olds and up because it gives them a glimpse of what they are going to be in the future and how they are going to make their lives on their favor. 

One set of this merchandise consists of a game board with a spinner, 115 cards, 4 cars, 24 pegs, 1 money pack and 5 spins to win tokens. You just need to choose if you want to go to college or start your career. After this, you just need to spin the wheel and perform the activities pointed by the wheel. You just need to be wise and mature enough in making life and career decisions. Because the player who has collected the most tiles and money takes the win.

Best Board Games For 9 Year Old & Up

Mattel Games’ Apples to Apples Junior

Best Board Games For 9 Year Old & Up: Mattel Games’ Apples to Apples Junior

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Mattel Games’ Apples to Apples is known to be a game of comical comparisons. This award-winning party and card game are ideally played by kids ages 9 and above. This is the best board game to develop younger crowd’s thinking skills and vocabulary while doing outrageous comparisons. One set comes with 576 unique cards with maximum originality just to make the game filled with engaging and surprising comparisons of events, places, people and even things.

 To play, deal the red apple cards and distribute among the players. Players must take turns in becoming the judge and will hold the green apple card that shows a one-word quality like smelly, wet, cold, etc. Other players must browse the given red cards and select the one which they think is best described by judge’s card. A win is decided if you convinced the judge that you have the best match. The recommended number of players is between four to ten.

Best Board Games For 10 Year Old & Up


Best Board Games For 10 Year Old & Up: Catan

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Catan is one of the best board games which has an adventure theme. Its premise is having someone discovered an island and shall make everything to claim the island as his/her own. However, the thrill of the game comes in when this settler found out that he/she is not only one in the island gaining authority. 

To start the game, hexagonal terrain tiles are built on the game board. A dice is rolled and each terrain is marked with the number shown in the die. If a player has gained a settlement next to a terrain hex, he/she receives resources in a quantity reflected on the rolled die. You can use resources in expanding your territory. So, if a player has not enough resources then he/she is not viable for an upgrade unless a trade is done. An upgrade to a settlement costs a point while a city is worth 2 points. If you get 10 victory points, you will be declared as the winner. This is designed for kids’ 10 years and above and is exciting to play with 3-4 players.

Asmodee Citadels

Asmodee Citadels

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Asmodee’s Citadels is one of the best board games on the market that works well for more than four players’ ages 10 years and above. This is the modern edition of the classic city-building card game. It also incorporates new graphics and art design creating an inviting kingdom and various set of characters. This game also features the twelve new districts and newly-written characters making the game exciting and challenging. 

The basic rules in playing Citadels is that player needs to choose a character to play for and has the ability to pick a new building card or take a gold. The game will end when a player builds his/her seventh building. However, this will not be easy as your opponents will do everything to ruin your buildings and let your kingdom fall with their special cards on hand. A game which can make players adopt various characters and play with smart strategies on their minds.

Best Board Games For Extreme Fans!

Wizards of the Coast Risk Legacy Game

best board games for kids: Wizards of the Coast Risk Legacy Game

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Wizards of the Coast’s new game offering – Risk Legacy game has been gaining rave reviews from kids and kids at heart. This is a redefined version of a classic game wherein the actions you have made in round one will haunt you in the succeeding or later rounds. It is a game of taking a risk but playing smart. This board game includes character tokens, a game board, and game cards. 

To start the game, each player must choose from one of the 5 unique factions. You get an unique ability with your chosen faction for the rest of the game. Win the game buy earning 4 stars. There are multiple ways to earn a star, something you will discover along the way.

It is best played with 5 players and utilizing all the 15 levels to determine who is the best in ruling the land. This is the best board games for kids’ ages 13 years and up and can improve their fast thinking skills. 



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Pandemic is one of the most popular and the best cooperative board game in years. Four unique diseases have went global! You are part of a team of health practitioners here to discover vaccines and develop medicines before the whole humanity is infected. Players develop corporative skills as they work with each other to save the world. 

As a team, they must plan for a smart tactic that will eliminate the deadly diseases. However, the difficulty comes in when an epidemic card is chosen from the deck. An epic card might eradicate the players’ efforts in treating the previous epidemic. The players will lose if they ran out of cards before treating 4 infectious diseases. This is a team game and they will win or lose. It is best played with kids’ ages 13 years and up developing their thinking and strategic skills.  

Stonemaier Games’ Charterstone

best board games for kids: Stonemaier Games' Charterstone

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Charterstone is the first legacy-style game made by Stonemaier Games. It is an evolving worker-placement board game which tells a story through twelve interconnected games. Its green board setting with floating island and bright-eyed, bubble-headed characters are great on the eyes. Players take a turn to move the workers across the board in order to gather resources and construct a village. In due time, these players will gain new abilities and will affect the victory points they get. 

Charterstone can be played with up to six players. Highly-developed charters will take the win as it was able to garner the highest points. It is one of the best board games recommended to be played by 14 years and up. At some point, its instructions are difficult but if ever you get the grasp of the game, you will be able to bend the rules and add some twist to it. Kids will improve their thinking and logical skills as well as their leadership in developing people and charters.

Wizards of the Coast Lords of Waterdeep: A Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

Wizards of the Coast Lords of Waterdeep: A Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

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Wizards of the Coast brings you the newest board game that is based on the Conquest of Nerath and D&D Adventure System dungeon-crawl series. In this game, players assume that they are one of the Lords of the Waterdeep competing with each other. It drifts away from the usual board game concept of fighting on the battlefield making it unique and interesting.

This entertaining board game is usually played by 2-5 players who are 12 years old and above. Each player assumes the role of one of the titular Lords. They will be given agents to hire adventurers and proceed on the journey on their behalf. These adventurers will then bring in rewards; letting their lord’s influence be felt over the city and soon taking over it. Lords can also develop the city by buying newly-opened facilities and creating obstructions to their rivals through intrigue card to execute their strategic plans. They can also increase their points by constructing buildings or by completing important quests. The player with highest points after 8 rounds wins the game and will be labeled as the City of Splendors’ most powerful politico.

Its popularity is rooted from its familiar mechanics from the famous Dungeons & Dragons. Though, with the added twists, it helps stimulate the brain and enhance the strategic skills of the players. This game will also give them an idea to carefully plan all their future moves to make the odds in their favor. 

Choosing The Best Board Games For The Little One…

Unlike video games, you do not have to worry too much whether a board games’s content is suitable for the child. Most board games are really just simple hours of fun. That’s why we love it so much!

For the Adam Carroll TED Talk mentioned at the start of the article, visit here. Hope you found something from our list of the best board games for kids. Let us know your favorite pick down at the comments below.


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